Samsung may not have fixed its fingerprint problem, but it did fix the sharp metal edges that made the S6 Edge phone feel big and unwieldy. The glass back curves now, just like the Galaxy Note 5, so that the metal edges don’t dig into your hands anymore.

And even though the 5.5-inch screen is bigger than last year’s model, it’s shockingly slim and doesn’t feel or look like a phablet. Next to the iPhone 6S Plus — which has the same screen size – it looks positively tiny.

The S7 Edge holds the same magnetic power over you from the moment you first lay eyes on it. It looked so damn good pirouetting in a glass case at the press event that I almost forgot why I hate glass-backed phones.
But then I touched it. Its silky glass back was soon marred by a mass of fingerprints, and the spell was broken.

If you don’t like fingerprints, you’re going to need to pop a case on it, or carry around a tiny bottle of Windex everywhere. It’s also slippery, so we’d recommend the case, though it’s a crying shame to cover up this gorgeous phone.


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