There is no completion QHD (you’ll have to make do with full HD), there is also a microSD slot, and the user has only one choice: 64 GB of internal storage. But if you can look past their shortcomings, and embrace the power, performance and premium design OnePlus 3 offers, this is the best company ever device.

With Snapdragon processor 820, 6 GB RAM, rear camera 8MP, 16MP front snapper, fingerprint scanner and 3, 000mAh quick-charging batteries, OnePlus 3 have the paper at least-to take the big names.

OnePlus 2 confessed killer flagship 2016, and while it falls way short of living up to that boast, OnePlus 3 might be able to claim the title. OnePlus 3 price and date of June rilisDirilis 2016US $ 329Hanya or £ 399 SIM is available free from OnePlus not in Australia

OnePlus 3 launched at $ 399 in the U.S. and has not changed in the price, but it is not the same for the people in the United Kingdom.

Since July 11,

OnePlus 3 has cost £ 329,

not launch price £ 309,

because the Pound weakened after a campaign Brexit. people in Australia had to wait for Word and there are 3 OnePlus official release yet.


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